In every product-driven business, time-to-market is critical. This underscores the value of ABLE’s fully integrated manufacturing processes in establishing aggressive production goals.  Because we are not bound by predetermined operational procedures or infrastructure, we can custom tailor processes that streamline and simplify operations.  We also create small, nimble teams that are focused on each client’s business and can respond quickly to any challenge or adapt to any opportunity. This allows us to compress timetables, eliminate production setbacks, and celebrate time to market. It makes your prototyped idea a reality in very short time period.


FRP referred to as Fiber Reinforced Plastic, contains fibrous glass matting to reinforce the base polyester resin. Able uses glass reinforced polyester for the manufacturing of large enclosures, panels and cladding by hand lay-up, liquid press molding and resin transfer molding (RTM). Technically there’s no limit to the size of part that can be produced, whilst the tooling patterns are very cost effective in comparison to those for injection mould tooling.