Our services


Quality control is a key component to our success at Prototype & Short-Run Services. We practice a very careful process and quality control. We align with our clients’ quality department and include them in our inspection and approval processes to ensure a seamless and smooth collaboration. ABLE has our quality control team work with our advance inspection equipment, such as coordinate measuring machine, projector, various tester and handheld tools to ensure the parts within the customer’s request according to the process used to produce it. We also have full checking measurement system for short run production to guarantee our product meet customer’s standard.


Our logistics team has day to day contact with our suppliers ensuring that deliveries are controlled and dispatched as agreed. On many projects we also receive key component parts from our clients that are built in to sub-assemblies or final products. For tight deadlines or special orders air freight can be arranged. Our logistics teams are often involved in the early stages of product development, to give advice on shipping costs and shipping methods that can improve the economy in a product for the client.

If something should happen to the items during transport our logistics team is ready to mitigate, and ensure that production lines and deliveries are not disturbed.